One-click installers: content management systems

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It’s time for another installment (pun-intended) in our ongoing series about the one-click installers available with the WebFaction control panel. Today, it’s all about content management systems. Whether you need to organize a complex knowledge base or start (or re-start) your blog, we’ve got a few one-click installers that might meet your needs: Drupal, Joomla, Plone, and WordPress.


Drupal is an open source content management system with a thorough system for controlling the publishing process, from taxonomies to sophisticated author and editor management. Drupal’s large community has also created a variety of themes and modules that add to Drupal’s already-capable core components.

Check out the WebFaction-specific docs for Drupal and the official Drupal docs.


Joomla, like Drupal, is a PHP-based content management system. Joomla has a set of tools for creating and organizing content, along with handy features like polls and internal messaging system. The Joomla community has also expanded the capabilities of Joomla with a large collection of extensions.

Check out the WebFaction-specific docs for Joomla and the official Joomla docs.


Plone is a content management system built atop Zope, a Python-based web application server. Like Drupal, Plone has a robust set of publishing tools, for controlling when and how your content is presented, whether it’s text, images, or files. The Plone community has also created many add-on products to introduce new features and themes.

Check out the WebFaction-specific docs for Zope and Plone and the official Plone docs.


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools, and so it comes as no surprise that its one of our most popular one-click installers. WordPress is no mere blogging tool, however. It’s broad set of features and the numerous plugins make it a capable content management system, fit for running a variety of sites, not just your personal weblog.

Check out the WebFaction-specific docs for WordPress and the official WordPress docs.

So we invite you to try a new CMS and, if you need any help, join us in the Q&A Community.


New Django screencast

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Django is a fun and handy Python web framework, so it’s not exactly a surprise that it’s one of our more popular one-click installers. Given that popularity, we’ve created a short screencast that shows you how to create a simple website with Django and a static media application:

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The screencast demonstrates several common installation and configuration steps that most Django sites on WebFaction need, but it’s not comprehensive. Depending on your needs, some additional steps may be required. To learn more about setting up Django on WebFaction, see our Django documentation. If you have questions, join us in theQ&A community.