For our second post taking a closer look at the one-click installers available with the WebFaction control panel, it’s time to look at running Ruby applications. For Ruby developers, we have two key installers: Ruby on Rails and Passenger.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, commonly known as just Rails, is the dominant web application framework for Ruby. Rails comes with a variety of components that make it easy to route requests, render pages, or store information in a database. It’s backed by a large community, and many supporting libraries.

See the WebFaction Rails documentation for more information on deploying your Rails project, common configuration and installation tasks, and troubleshooting.


Phusion Passenger is an application server that supports Ruby Rack applications. Rack is a common interface to connect Ruby applications with web servers. It’s the lingua franca of Ruby web applications, including Rails and Sinatra. So the Passenger one-click installer can be used to run arbitray Ruby web applications.

Ruby is exceptionally popular for creating web applications, and these one-click installers are a quick way to get started. Try one out and, if you need any help, join us in the Q&A Community