Django-1.4 is here!

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Today, the latest and greatest version of Django has been released. And we’ve tried to waste no time making it available to you with the new Django 1.4 one-click installer:

Django 1.4 one-click installer screenshot

The most prominent new feature of Django 1.4 is time zone support. Django can now store dates and times in a time zone-aware way. Now dates and times can be converted to visitors’ local time zone in templates and forms automatically. This feature is likely to help many developers avoid time zone pitfalls, including daylight saving time transitions often observed this time of year.

Other new developments include:

Of course, that’s not all. For more details, check out the Django 1.4 release notes. Give the new installer a try. If you have any questions, join us in the Q&A Community.


We’re hiring!

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Wanna work for your favorite hosting company? Well, now’s your chance! We’re currently looking for support engineers for our US and Asia shifts. Details are available at our jobs page. What are you waiting for?!

2012-04-16: these positions have been filled, but we’re always on the lookout for good people to join our team! Feel free to send your CV and inquiries to the contact address on our jobs page.


PHP-5.4 is here

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Things certainly move fast on the web. Just a few weeks ago we described our PHP setup on this blog and we proudly explained that we had both PHP 5.2 and 5.3 installed on our servers. But now that blog post is obsolete because PHP 5.4 was just released!
Fortunately we’ve already installed PHP 5.4 on all of our servers, just days after it was released:

[remi@web300 ~]# php54 -v
PHP 5.4.0 (cli) (built: Mar  2 2012 06:58:40)

We’ve also added a new Static/CGI/PHP-5.4 to our control panel for the early adopters.
If you want to switch an existing PHP app to PHP-5.4 you can do so by putting this in a .htaccess file:

<FilesMatch .php$>
    SetHandler php54-cgi

Amongst many other improvements PHP-5.4 is faster and uses less memory and it provides a new feature called Traits which enables developers to reuse code.
More details are available in the ChangeLog.