WordPress 3.3 is out now and so is our new one-click installer:

This version of WordPress has many new features and refinements. One of the handiest new features is the drag-and-drop media uploader. Just drag files from your computer onto the target to upload files easily:

The dashboard has also received a considerable refresh. For example, the dashboard’s admin header and admin bar have been combined into a unified toolbar. Feature callouts help introduce new WordPress features (great for novice and expert users alike). WordPress 3.3’s dashboard also reduces the number of clicks for navigation with mouse over fly out menus:

There’s a lot more in this version of WordPress, especially for developers. Check out the video introduction and the WordPress Codex’s comprehensive changelog for all the details. When you’re ready, give the WordPress 3.3 one-click installer a try and join us in the Q&A Community if you have any questions.