Six months ago we started using much beefier servers for our shared hosting plans. We also started upgrading the hardware on our existing servers. We did that because we wanted to give you as much memory for your apps as possible without overselling the RAM and overloading the servers.

Today we’re happy to announce that our shared hosting plan has been upgraded from 80MB of app memory to 256MB! This applies not only to new customers but to all existing accounts as well. You can also buy an upgrade to 512MB for an extra $7/month*.

Keeping in mind that the memory used by the operating system, the MySql and Postgresql database servers and the frontend web server don’t count towards your app memory usage (unlike on a VPS) it should be plenty for most Django, Rails, PHP and other apps you might want to run.

If your apps outgrow 512MB of memory then you can either spread them across multiple servers or upgrade to one of our managed dedicated servers.

Here is to our biggest holiday present yet!

*The upgrade from 256MB to 512MB is only available on our newer servers (Web300 and over and all servers in Amsterdam) and the following servers: Web4, Web27, Web28, Web70, Web114, Web129, Web174, Web184, Web200 and Web213. This is because the other servers don’t have enough RAM. If you’re on another server and want 512MB of memory you can request a migration from the control panel (Account->Server migration).
Update: The list of servers where you can upgrade to 512MB is now: Web300 and over, Web4, Web27, Web28, Web70, Web114, Web129, Web174, Web182, Web200, Web208, Web209, Web210, Web211, Web213, Web216, Web217, Web218, Web223, Web224, Web225, Web226.