A few weeks ago we quietly started using a new setup for our new servers based on Centos-6-64bit. Apart from the new Centos version and the new architecture the main difference is that they run the latest MySql and Postgresql versions: MySql-5.5 and Postgresql-9.1.

If you would like to migrate your account to a Centos-6 server you can do so by going to “Account -> Server migration” in the control panel. There you will have the option to either migrate the data yourself (see this page for the procedure) or ask us to do it for you.

Regardless of the migration method that you choose be aware that in many cases you will need to tweak your apps in order for them to work on Centos-6-64bit:

  • Apps that use only a scripting language such as pure-PHP apps (WordPress/Drupal/etc.), pure Python apps, pure Ruby apps etc. usually work without any modification.
  • Anything that is compiled will most likely need to be re-compiled or replaced with Centos-6/64bit versions of the binaries. For instance Django apps will need to have the Apache binary and its modules replaced. See this page for details on how to migrate Django, Rails and Trac apps.