New PHP-5.3 app available

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We’ve just added a new app to our control panel called “Static/CGI/PHP-5.3”.

This means that you can now choose between PHP-5.2 and PHP-5.3 when you create a PHP app.

The PHP-5.3 command line tools are also installed on all servers:

[remi@web180 ~]$ php53 -v
PHP 5.3.5 (cli) (built: Mar 15 2011 06:04:49)

[remi@web180 ~]$ php -v
PHP 5.2.11 (cli) (built: Oct 18 2010 14:11:48)


PS: Note that the PHP-5.3 app is only available on Web120 and over. This is because machines before that use mod_php to serve PHP apps and Apache can’t run mod_php-5.2 and mod_php-5.3 side by side. If you’re on a machine before that and want to run PHP-5.3 you can either build your own Apache/PHP-5.3 stack or ask for a plan on a newer server. Open a ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

Update May 12th: The PHP-5.3 app is now available on all servers.


New control panel theme and domain management interface

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As you might have noticed we rolled out a new control panel theme today:

New panel theme

Apart from the style everything is the same as before except for a new domain management interface which is the same as the beta control panel we release in March:

New domain management interface

Over the next few months we will gradually replace sections of the control panel with easier and faster ways to do things (similar to the new domain management interface), as well as adding new features to do things that weren’t possible before.

We originally planned on building a separate control panel while keeping the old control panel available. But we realized that having just one panel means that we can keep making improvements faster because we don’t have to support two different ways of doing the same things.

While we have a lot of ideas for making the panel easier to use we’re also keen to hear from you about what you think would make the panel better so don’t hesitate to click on “Feedback” inside the panel to send us suggestions. We will reply to each suggestion and either implement it or explain to you why we prefer not to.

PS: Note that the panel is now available at but all old URLs under still work and just get redirected to the new URLs.