The long-awaited release of Rails 3 has finally arrived and with it a new one-click installer on theĀ control panel.

Rails 3 is the culmination of two years of effort and a merge of the Rails and Merb projects. This major release sports numerous improvements, such as:

  • script/rails: the rails command replaces the individual commands in the scripts directory. For example, rails console replaces script/console.
  • Javascript framework agnosticism: Rails 3 lets you use Prototype, jQuery, and other Javascript tools as you need them.
  • Improved security: cross-site scripting (XSS) protection is included by default with Rails 3.
  • Easier email: Action Mailer has been redone with improved syntax and new options.

But that’s merely a small taste of what’s changed in the latest version of Rails. Check out the complete release notes for details on everything that’s changed since Rails 2.

When you’re ready, give the new one-click installer a try and join us in the forum to share what you think of this latest generation of Rails.