Asia, here we come!

A few months ago we started offering servers in Europe. Today we’re happy to announce that we’re now offering servers in Asia too (in Singapore to be exact).

Most hosting providers charge an extra fee for hosting in Asia but we’ve decided to charge the same price as in the US and in Europe.

If your websites’ visitors are mostly in Asia then you might want to consider putting your sites on our Singapore servers rather than our American or European servers to make your sites slightly more responsive for these visitors.

When you sign up for an account you can now choose between USA, Europe or Asia for the server location (note that the Singapore location is not available for our managed dedicated servers just yet).

If you’re an existing customer you can also go to Account->migrate in the panel and request a migration of your account to a Singapore server. You can also go to Account->Upgrade/downgrade in the panel and order an extra plan in Singapore if you want one (you can have multiple plans in multiple locations from the same account).

If you would like to compare the download speed from various server locations you can download a 30MB test file from various locations: USA, Amsterdam, Singapore.

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5 Responses to Asia, here we come!

  1. Kamal says:

    Great ! Been waiting for this for years already. 30+ms latency, this way much better than what I’m expected. I’m living in Johor, Malaysia (just across the causeway) and the typical latency from here to Singapore is 100+ms. Thanks guys.

  2. Jon Cuevas says:

    This is welcome news. I was actually in the process of looking for a hosting provider with servers in Asia on top of my existing WebFaction account.

  3. Nick says:

    From mainland China the test file downloads significantly faster from the USA server than it does from Singapore. Have you got any plans for a HK server?

  4. Leo S says:

    Is the roundcube webmail frontend also optimized through singapore?
    My account is setup to use the singapore server, but roundcube is still very very slow to use.

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