Our biggest holiday present yet: app memory quota increased to 256MB for everyone

Six months ago we started using much beefier servers for our shared hosting plans. We also started upgrading the hardware on our existing servers. We did that because we wanted to give you as much memory for your apps as possible without overselling the RAM and overloading the servers.

Today we’re happy to announce that our shared hosting plan has been upgraded from 80MB of app memory to 256MB! This applies not only to new customers but to all existing accounts as well. You can also buy an upgrade to 512MB for an extra $7/month*.

Keeping in mind that the memory used by the operating system, the MySql and Postgresql database servers and the frontend web server don’t count towards your app memory usage (unlike on a VPS) it should be plenty for most Django, Rails, PHP and other apps you might want to run.

If your apps outgrow 512MB of memory then you can either spread them across multiple servers or upgrade to one of our managed dedicated servers.

Here is to our biggest holiday present yet!

*The upgrade from 256MB to 512MB is only available on our newer servers (Web300 and over and all servers in Amsterdam) and the following servers: Web4, Web27, Web28, Web70, Web114, Web129, Web174, Web184, Web200 and Web213. This is because the other servers don’t have enough RAM. If you’re on another server and want 512MB of memory you can request a migration from the control panel (Account->Server migration).
Update: The list of servers where you can upgrade to 512MB is now: Web300 and over, Web4, Web27, Web28, Web70, Web114, Web129, Web174, Web182, Web200, Web208, Web209, Web210, Web211, Web213, Web216, Web217, Web218, Web223, Web224, Web225, Web226.

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35 Responses to Our biggest holiday present yet: app memory quota increased to 256MB for everyone

  1. Mark says:

    Wow! That’s awesome. And I didn’t even hang my Christmas stockings

  2. kracekumar says:

    Best Christmas gift for everyone. :)
    Best value for the money.

  3. tom brander says:

    So my 80mb plan is now 256mb, Cool!!

  4. This could very well be the deciding factor that keeps me on Webfaction. Awesome!

  5. Sam says:

    Wow, what a sweet welcome surprise for me!! I literally opened my first Webfaction account 12 hours ago and now this! :)

    BTW, my old shared host wasn’t very slow, but Webfaction is doing the SQL queries and generating pages in almost half the time. And traceroutes are DRAMATICALLY shorter to Webfaction. You can be sure I’ll be renewing after this first month trial.

  6. Chen says:

    This is awesome!

  7. Joel Rivera says:

    Pure awesomeness, thank you. =)

  8. Fantastic news, thank you very much!

    I pay for 40MB extra memory today (120 total). What happens with my account?

  9. Thank you so much! I don’t think you could have given us a more awesome Christmas present than a 4x increase in memory! Webfaction was easily the best shared hosting provider before today, and with this upgrade, you’ve basically decimated the competition. Especially if you are using Django, there’s no excuse to use anything else. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  10. devx says:

    This is most excellent! I’ve been hitting my cap although I don’t think I was using an extraordinary amount of resources.

  11. Seth says:

    Gah, you’re finally going to tempt me enough into moving to a 64-bit server, aren’t you? :)

    One quick question– you mention “Django, Rails, PHP” apps as things that consume memory. I thought transient PHP processes didn’t actually count towards the limit? If that’s changed, that’s OK, especially with more memory, but just wanted to check.

    • remi says:

      No, that hasn’t changed: PHP processes don’t normally count towards memory usage. The only time they would count is if they ran for a very long time (over 5 minutes), used a huge amount of RAM (over 500MB) or if you enabled php-fcgi to serve your sites (because the php-fcgi processes are permanent).

  12. Tim says:

    This is awesome!

    Other webhoster increase their offered services only to cover price increases. You multiply the memory limit and continue to add more value to the package at the same price.

    I’m glad that I choose Webfaction some years ago. Thanks!

  13. prem says:

    Awesome, that was a really good surprise.

    Terrific support and 256MB. Killer combo.

    Now I will expect something for new year too…

    How about adding mongodb to your database list.

    That would ROCK my 2012!

  14. Ignas says:

    This is just awesome! Thank you WF, now I will stay here much longer! Thank you!

  15. alan says:

    I love webfaction, and would recommend it to anyone, but despite your effortless domain management and application setups, i always had my eye on linode – mainly because of ram. This however, is just awesome. You win : >

  16. hysan says:

    I woke up to find this email in my inbox today. I gotta say, this makes me happy to have picked WebFaction over everyone else! Yay for early Christmas presents =)

  17. Mike Dougan says:

    Wow… an already fantastic service just got more amazing!!

    Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

  18. NetSage says:

    Seems I signed up at the right time :P.

  19. JoshI says:

    I just found out about you guys and joined a few days ago.
    I was happy at 80mb, to say it’s an early Xmas present is an understatement!


  20. John Weis says:

    You guys are awesome! Best hosting deal I’ve ever found!

  21. Intars says:

    Thanks! Webfaction is the best for web-developers.

  22. Paul says:

    Nice!! More unexpected Webfaction goodness.

    … and done right.

  23. emepe says:

    In the description of the plan at https://my.webfaction.com/service/read/11 I see that I’ve 256 MB but I’m at server 59 so I need to migrate to a newer server to really have the 256, right?

  24. Jamil Alvi says:

    What a great holiday present. Thanks guys – you really know how to support developers!

  25. Dazzlepod says:

    Thank you! If only I am in US I would drop by and send some cookies for you guys!

  26. Ramky says:

    If I need to get an extra 1 GB memory only for 5 Hours, is it possible to get? If yes, How am I charged?

    • remi says:

      You can only get 512MB per account per machine. If you need more then you’d have to split your apps and run them on multiple machines or upgrade to one of our managed dedicated servers (see http://www.webfaction.com/services/dedicated)

      • Ramky says:

        I am running only one app. Moodle. Some times there are more than 50 simultaneous logins. It is suggested to have 1GB Ram for every 50 Logins in moodle. Is there any automatic sharing available without doing any modifications from my side?

        • remi says:

          I would suggest running multiple instances of your app on multiple machines (just buy multiple plans on multiple machines) and do a DNS load-balancing of the requests (so that each machine gets 1/N of simultaneous logins, where N is the number of plans that you bought). Open a support ticket for more information.

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