Introducing the first feature of our new control panel

One of the things that separates WebFaction hosting from run-of-the-mill hosting is our control panel. It’s the center of the WebFaction experience because it ties together all the parts of your WebFaction account in a powerful way. But we’ve also heard a lot of feedback about how the control panel might serve your needs better.

In recent months we’ve been laying the foundation for a new version of the WebFaction control panel, a foundation on which we can quickly improve and add new features. Today we’re proud to unveil the first feature of our new control panel: a new domain management interface. You can try it out at

WebFaction control panel screenshotWe have a few major goals in mind while developing this new control panel. Most importantly, we want to make your most common tasks easier and quicker to do while maintaining the flexibility our control panel is known for. With such changes, we hope to make the control panel more friendly to new users and to infrequent users. While we’re at it, we want to refresh the appearance of the control panel, so that it looks as modern as its functionality.

But we can’t do it without your help. During this beta testing period, we want you to try out the new control panel and use this opportunity to share your feedback. You can report problems or make suggestions at any time with the built-in Feedback tab on the left side of the control panel. We can’t wait to hear what you think (and fix the bugs you discover).

And if something isn’t quite right, don’t worry: the control panel you’re used to will continue to be available at while we bring you this new control panel. At any time you can switch between the traditional and beta control panels to manage your account.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to try out the control panel and provide your feedback. WebFaction hosting just wouldn’t be the same without your support.

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17 Responses to Introducing the first feature of our new control panel

  1. diego says:

    Nice, really nice… Congratulations!

    A suggestion: In the domain list don’t show the MX records for email hosted externally… it’s no necessary information for a quick view….

  2. Lyndsy Simon says:

    Liking it so far – much faster than the current interface, and cleaner. Slight paradigm shift from “Domain-App-Website” to “Domain-Website”, but I think it’s for the best. It seems natural to me now, but I remember it being confusing at first.

    I don’t see “Affiliates” in the sidebar yet – don’t forget us! :)

    • Richard says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

      The “Domain-App-Website” paradigm isn’t going anywhere. But we are trying to make it more understandable for new users.

      Don’t worry. We’re not going to forget about affiliates

  3. Getting a “CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.” when typing wrong passwords, maybe a missing {% csrf_token %} somewhere.

    • Richard says:

      That’s the error message that you currently get if you have cookies disabled. I’ve made a note that we need a better error message in that case.

      If you don’t have cookies disabled then I can’t reproduce this. If you wouldn’t mind sending us more info via the feedback tab or by contacting customer support that would be great.

  4. Michael Novotny says:

    Awesome start, guys! I know you guys are all about simplicity and function over form, but this is hawt!

  5. Howe says:

    I like it, and have a couple suggestions: after clicking on an item, making the editing screen open, let another click on another item open a similar screen without having to explicitly close the previous one first. Also, “Save” should only be active if some item on the form has been changed; might confuse some users the way it is.

    Another thing I’d add is a filter combobox at the top of the “domains” screen, for quick searching a domain “as you type”. Would be very useful for users with lots of domains.

    Thanks for the good job, it’s nice to see it improving.


    • Richard says:

      Thanks for the suggestions.

      The problem with just closing the first panel and opening a new one is what to do if they have unsaved changes. We would need to ask whether to save or discard the changes which complicates the workflow somewhat. We’re currently experimenting with various ways of solving that problem.

      Quick searching is something we are working on. It just didn’t quite make the cut for the first release.

  6. Javi says:

    Great news!

    So far I agree with Howe, mark the save only active if there has been any change.

  7. gonz says:

    Nice! It’s looking good so far, keep the good work!

  8. msch says:

    Looking great, but I’m not sure if the feedback is working. When I click “Submit Feedback”, it greys out for a few seconds and reappears, so I don’t know if it has been submitted or not.

  9. Japh says:

    Hey guys! The new control panel is looking fantastic. Though domains aren’t working for me… I get a “There was an error processing your request, please try again.” message. Looking at Firebug, it appears to be returning a Server 500 Error.

    Let me know if there’s any more information I can provide to help debug! Very much looking forward to playing with the new admin :)

  10. Richie says:

    You need to make sure you add an all in one wizard to create a domain, app, sftp account, auto setup permissions so that someone can create a full website in seconds with everything automatically (or semi automatically) configured.

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